Our industry is yet to be defined

atonra is a Swiss FINMA regulated asset management company. Founded in 2004, we pioneered independent thematic equity research and investments, helping to cultivate the industries of tomorrow. Since then, we have been rallying behind a single purpose: unlocking investment opportunities that shape the future.

We are powered by knowledge

Fundamental, scientific, and industrial research is at the core of our DNA. We developed the first approach of its kind where leading scientific engineers and industrial experts are partnered with financial analysts to better understand the investment ecosystem and uncover high-potential investment opportunities. Our experts are selectively chosen among the leaders in their fields.


We are driven by conviction

Since inception, we have been intellectually independent, allowing us to defend the strong convictions behind our investment decisions. Our corporate culture fosters a think-out-of-the-box mentality, inspiring our team, clients and extended community to blaze a trail.


We are for the active growth investors

We are for forward-thinkers, entrepreneurs and those who invest in ideas. If you want to understand the world you live in today and are inspired enough to help shape the ideas that impact generations to come, you'll want to meet atonra.

Curiosity is the fuel keeping the engine of innovation running. Innovation is the key to technological and scientific progress.