Tech is key, but humans turn the key

Some could see us as visionaries able to anticipate trends. But those who really know us are aware that the secret behind our success is a lot of focused work that combines an analytical and imaginative mindset with a passionate spirit.

We are people of conviction backed up by fundamental research. And we invest all of our energy into the themes that matter to us and the brighter future that we’re helping to build.


Stefano Rodella
Dina Fausto
Laurent Forestier

Business development
and marketing

Małgorzata Miklaszewska
Antoine Walter
Sonia Kifaji


Katherine Taglieri
Maad Osta
Davide Sciannimonaco
Christophe Magnin
Charles Bordes
Romain Bodinier
Fabio Mosella


Kevin Decoster​
Christoph Sinhart
Loic Kouao Emissan
Christopher Wittlinger